It took me a bit to understand how it really works? as is totally different from any other classifieds websites, but now everything is just fine, it is something new specially that is freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee to sell :) not so good when you browsing from mobile :( , but i hope that this will be improved. Lara , From Leeds
21 Jul. Lara
One of the best, but the mobile optimization is not so great, as you cannot see the phone number to the sellers. please sort this out or even better make an app for devices.
21 Jul. dan
Awesome, very quick and helpful support, easy to use, i will recommend to anyone. Grace
16 Jul. Grace
the messaging system is awesome, no need to send email anymore :) i have posted my old desktop and had over 100 views 1 day. Highly recommended. London
03 May. Deea Hamilton
Good website. Lot of potential for business if they advertise services. Look forward to join
03 May. James
over 50 views in 24hrs, that's really good comparing to other paid sites. the support is awesome,
23 Apr. Victor
Good on desktop view, not fully functional on mobile version, waiting for the apps and could be a really good place to buy & sell.
23 Apr. Martin
Hi, I had some impediments when trying to list my car for sale, but the support received is 5 stars. In less than 20min, my car was online. so here is my review for 1stbuy: 1. website overall : 4 Stars 2. site practicality in terms of navigation and listing new ads : 5 Stars 3. customer support : 5 stars If the apps will be released soon as they said on facebook ( facebook.com/1stbuy/ ) will be a 10 star classified ads.
19 Apr. Marika
Spent over £40 on advertising my previous car a few months ago, I had 10 to 20 views over 2 weeks time. car not sold, waste of money. I have listed my car here and in 4 days 58 views, 5 calls, I said WTF, very imprest so far, even if it not selling by the end of the advertising time , I had nothing to lose and it is a good experience, Definitely will come back again. Regards. John, Leeds
19 Apr. John
Yeah... autotrader is not anymore good to sell as a private, to expensive and no results. In order to sell it it must be well under market price. As i see most of classified sites is going down, look at the gumtree reviews, just do a search on google is disgusting. We really need something new, more secure, in fact I think that I am gonna like 1stbuy, not to many sellers but, i see that the guys make lot of advertising on social media, google it may get there one day. Hey 1stbuy team, any chance to add a forum? a blog? in near future?
18 Apr. Marco Gian Luca
Paid more then £45 on autotrader to sell my car, 3 weeks 18 views, that's a joke. i'll give it a try here, cars area looks really cool with all the extra sections. Good work 1stbuy team.
17 Apr. Dealer
10 times better then Gumtree, No thousands of google ads on pages, very good I like It, just listed my first ad today. Highly recommended 5 STARS. From Manchester,
17 Apr. Melisa
My car dealer account no approved. i am selling cars but no have company why i can't have dealer account?
16 Apr. Dimitry
Hello, any plans for Apps? I have start using 1stBUY, and it will be cool to have the apps also ( Android, Android, Android )
16 Apr. Emma
Hi 1st buy team, I have registered my individual account and also have listed some items for sale. well I can say that it's the simplest and fastest way to post an ad comparing with another sites. I sent some suggestions to be taken into consideration, and I hope that someone will get back to me. Well done guys for this amazing site.
16 Apr. Mark
Really imprest, good job guys, this is something new in the classified market and hope that will get there
13 Apr. Mike
Received first class service, their customer services and communications were second to none. Would highly recommend 1stBuy as a reliable internet selling site. Thank you
13 Apr. Kevin Newman
My first impression about this website is just.... wow, a really well managed platform with huge potential for both private sellers and companies, I hope that will become very populate in near future as is a shame paying on other website for cheap services where actually is 60% full of scamers. I am looking to build my web-store on 1st BUY and share it as much as I can. Thank you guys for this unique invention.
08 Apr. Alin
Something different, with great results, just bought a lovely car, highly recommended. Ela, Uxbridge
14 Mar. Ela
Brilliant service, sold my car within 2 days free of charge. one of the best classified website. Thanks 1stbuy keep up the good work.
14 Mar. Stely
Great website the look is of the categories is very cool, free to sell almost anything, defiantly look forward to place my ads on 1stbuy. Thanks. Gema from Manchester
11 Mar. Gema
I am using 1st BUY since last year, and I must say it's the best. It's loaded with features and awesome support. The new look is also awesome. Sam, London
07 Feb. sam
Just found it, and LOVE IT, best I've ever seen, have my individual account today and I have placed my first ad :) Thanks 1stbuy Natasha,
07 Feb. natasha
1stbuy is best classified in UK, easy to use, very professional, the support is great 10 stars...
29 Dec. Alex Northon
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