EFFEKTA Inverter Current Computer PC Computer Battery inverter Charger 1500 VA

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The line-interactive ups EFFEKTA® provides temporary battery power failure power. In addition to this,.

It has a function of analysis of the failures of batteries with early warning, allowing to perform preventative maintenance on time.

EFFEKTA® MTD series protect your office equipment, such as computers and devices of power outages.
With compact dimensions of the ups, we find same in the smallest in your company or home office location explored

The MI series inverter is a system of interactive economic line for the protection of consumers of electricity. It is particularly suitable for small servers, computers or the active network components in system cabinets.


UPS classification VI-SS-311 according to standard IEC 62040-3
Interactive technology
User-friendly LCD display
Compact Design
Commande à microprocesseur
(Start on battery) cold start feature
Commande à microprocesseur
Automatic frequency detection
RS - 232.en series
USB interface standard location for adapters in option: relay card, USB or SNMP optocouplers
Management software Powershut for almost all operating systems